Ben Stansall / 07875583086 / bstansall@gmail.com Jennifer Chan is seen at her home in Uxbridge West of London on July 21, 2009.

Jennifer is dedicated to Human Rights and the plight of refugees.  She works directly with the United Nations on their ID2020 agenda to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 16.9, i.e. to provide a legal identity to all 1.5 billion people in the world without passports or birth certificates.  To that end, Jennifer is global lead of PwC’s global blockchain initiative on digital identity, working with PwC Director, The Lord Patrick Spens.  She has given workshops and talks on the problem and potential solution that blockchain brings in a variety of countries and to varying audiences, and works closely with The Worldwide Tribe to help push forward their aims to help refugees in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Jaz, Founder of The Worldwide Tribe has in turn supported PwC and the UN’s ID2020 agenda and provided context to the issue at hand.

Jennifer is a manager on PwC’s HSBC audit and has grown up in PwC, having joined the firm after graduating from the London School of Economics in 2011. She received the Lord Benson Award from PwC and the Wing Yip Bursary for excellence supporting her studies at university.  She immediately joined PwC where she trained as a chartered accountant, qualifying in September 2014 as a member of the ICAEW.  In September 2015, Jennifer embarked on a lifelong dream to live overseas and completed a short term secondment at PwC’s San Jose office in California, U.S.  Whilst there she managed five mid-level start up clients and oversaw a medium sized team of Associates.

Jennifer is developing several initiatives to encourage empowerment through education for disadvantaged people throughout the globe.  Most notably, she is encouraging self-empowerment through the power of coding.  She is developing several workshops to give individuals the opportunity to learn a skill which will boost their employability and financial independence.

In 2007, Jennifer was selected to be a Merrill Lynch Global Ambassador along with just eighteen other talented students from the UK and USA.  She attended a business program designed to train the next generation of leaders with the skills, acumen and etiquette to walk with power an purpose into tomorrow’s C-Suite.   She was also featured in the Financial Times as a case study to mark the importance of bursaries to facilitate social mobility (see: Bursary crucial in student’s climb to the top).

Taking inspiration from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, she has been an active member of PwC’s Gender Balance society and has organised events to encourage women to “Lean In” and develop confidence to enable them to self-promote themselves; to be engaged and to participate at Board Level.

Jennifer enjoys reading, yoga, hiking, photography, travelling and practicing her faith.  She surrounds herself with her family and closest friends regularly.


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