How block chain and the FinTech movement will transform everything for expats from the poor world

Moving from the poor to the rich world is an unrealised dream for millions. But my mother, in her determination, achieved the dream in the 1980s. 

She made the journey from her home in the Philippines, from her parents and six siblings to glorious London, England; land of plenty. She gained work, started a family and settled here. But her Filipino culture ingrained behaviours in her; responsibilities.

This series of blog posts explores the challenges she, and so many like her, face. It also explores the panacea that block chain offers by travelling through the Philippines, Brazil, India and beyond to unpick the transformative potential of this disruptive technology:

  1. Remittances;
  2. Forex;
  3. ID;
  4. Payments;
  5. Property;
  6. Women ans bank accounts;
  7. Loans;
  8. Business;
  9. Politicians;
  10. International aid. 

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