A dream; a calling

“Nothing, Everything, Anything, Something: 

If you have nothing, then you have everything, because you have the freedom to do anything, without the fear of losing something.”

– Jarod Kintz

This morning I had an inspiring dream.  I was setting off on a school trip and was told that there would be limited food provided and that which was provided would be of a poor quality.  My father generously loaded me up with bags and bags of fresh meat and fruit which I somehow brought with me to my destination.  I am unsure of exactly where I was in the world but I do remember that there was a marked gap between rich and poor; I was staying in a gated mansion whilst there were beggars at the gate.  I also remember that my Spanish speaking abilities magically improved and I spoke with the locals.

Somehow, one of the local ladies made her way inside the gates and Oli and I were talking with her about how little she has, how rarely she eats red meat (seemingly a luxury over chicken) and how hard it is to obtain food.  The next part of the dream is almost obvious – it is what any compassionate human being would do, surely?  I packed a bag with fruits and fresh (red) meat.  Whilst I did so, the local lady became impatient and made her way through the mansion to the top floor.  I discovered her here.  The dream then took a sinister turn, with locals crowding into the gates and the security having to be stepped up.

I awoke from the dream to see the quote at the head of this post and I felt inspired to help those in desperate situations.  However, it seems that even my subconscious, dream state was acutely aware of the risks involved.